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Hey, Sony might be owing you some money!

January 31, 2007

Under the proposed settlement, Sony BMG agrees to clearly disclose limitations on consumers’ use of music CDs and to never install software on consumers’ PCs without permission. The company also agreed to let consumers exchange the CDs in question until June 31, 2007 and reimburse consumers for up to $150 to repair damaged caused by the software to their PCs. Consumers will be able to exchange CDs with the software purchased before December 31, 2006 for new CDs free of content-protection software.

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Flickr putting limits on tags…and contacts?

January 31, 2007

Having been acquired by Yahoo, Flickr is now going through some changes. According to, Flickr and Yahoo are being more tightly integrated, and as part of the merge, Yahoo is limiting the # of tags and contacts you can have to maintain performance.

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Say it with me… Fotki

How bad of an idea is this?

January 31, 2007

Store all of your passwords on some unknown website.

Yeah, that sounds safe.

Windows XP->Vista Upgrade Workaround

January 31, 2007

It had been previously determined that you couldn’t simply enter your XP CDKey for Vista to install. You have to install the OS you’re upgrading from, then perform an actual upgrade to Vista. This is unlike how Microsoft OS upgrades had worked in the past.

Well, it appears there’s a workaround for you to still be able to do that.

Vista upgrade invalidates XP CDKey

January 31, 2007

You knew it was bound to happen, and now it’s official.  If you upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista, the XP CDKey you used for the upgrade will no longer be usable.