Ads in games

We’re starting to see things like this (Microsoft to Share Ad Revenue With Casual Game Developers) everyday.  While I’m fine with there being an ad here and there in the games I play, I won’t be fine with it when the ads are retrieved during gameplay.  The first time I miss a shot in Unreal Tournament 3 because the game was retrieving an iCantStandiPods ad, I’ll never buy anything from that company again.

It’ll happen, mark my words.

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  1. Ads in games - Web Directory Says:

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  2. farrukh: copywriter & journalist Says:

    Perhaps a simpler idea will be to brand the game characters (say a football field having ads on its borders like real life) or have products as parts of the game itself than as ads. It would work against the brand as you so rightly say, if the ads are interrupting the play.


  3. airjrdn Says:

    Exactly. I’m fine with a billboard in the game, or a Pepsi machine somewhere that makes sense. Those wouldn’t turn me away from the company, assuming they don’t take anything away from the game.

    It could even be something I’d like if done correctly, like say, allowing me to select a sports figure’s jersey for instance. If I could run around my favorite game with a Jordan 23 jersey on, I’d probably be all over it.

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