Have Google And The Spammers Partnered Up?

If not, why wouldn’t they? Think about it…

Spammers have the best chance of getting you to read their spam if:

  • It’s from a name you know/trust
  • It’s about something you have an interest in

Google has both of those, especially if you use Gmail. If you use Gmail for chatting, they know even more. If you’re logged into Gmail when you surf, they have tons of data on your searching habits. Google knows your contacts and interests if you use Gmail, and many, many people do.

Now, if they were to work with the spammers, what would be in it for each of them? Well, for the spammers, they’d get what they needed…the info listed above that improves their chances of getting you to read their spam. Ok, that one works out, but what’s in it for Google?

How about some key information on how to block most spam? I don’t mean this hit & miss Bayesian crap, I mean some key piece of information the rest of us aren’t aware of. Or, how about they simply say hey…we still need to send you spam or people will get suspicious, but any spam we send you, you’ll be able to detect because it’ll have *this* in it.

Seems plausible to me. Google gets a piece of the pie when someone clicks on spam Google provided the inside information for, and the spammers get a warehouse of information on 85% of the internet population.


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  1. mozey Says:

    are you high?

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