Did you request an Astroglide sample? Your name and address are now on Google

The question is, will Google do anything about it?

Worst idea ever.

(a) The sample came dried out, at least for me
(b) Lists of customers are now cached on google: example
This means that when an employer now googles me (or any of you who did request) I show up on… yes, an astroglide customer list.

Astroglide already removed it, but is there any legal recourse or way to request google un-cache it? When you go to request a sample, the following is given:

(All information will be used for mailing purposes only and will not be distributed to any outside organizations. Except maybe the paramedics if your free trial gets out of hand.)

There’s more here, here, here and a whole list of urls, in case you want to see if you’re included.

Some search results are showing up without the cached link, so it seems to me like maybe some other people caught this and requested removal (as I just did)”

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