Router-Free WiFi PC to PC Networking with WiPeer

Network World has a story on a new technology called WiPeer (available as a no-cost download here) that allows PCs to be linked – up to 300 feet indoors, 900 feet outdoors – to one an other wirelessly without the need of a router. Sounds interesting, right? But you’re probably asking yourself how could use this. Read on for real-world examples (you might be surprised).”



2 Responses to “Router-Free WiFi PC to PC Networking with WiPeer”

  1. Neuromancer Says:

    I thought that was what ad hoc networks where for 🙂 origional article is badly written. took me some time to grock that they where talking about a meshed network.

    Cisco have some realy nice mesh stuff the 1500 air net stuff so its a bit redundant in my opionion

  2. airjrdn Says:

    I’ve not seen the Cisco stuff, I’ll have to check it out.

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