Dell + Linux = ?

I think it’ll be good for those that know what they’re getting, but a major headache for those that don’t.  The first time the unwise purchaser tries installing that Disney game for little Johnny she got at Walmart, and finds out she can’t return it because it’s been opened, she’s not going to be happy.

I do however, love the Dell recommendation right above the image. 😉

Link to it on Dell’s website

3 Responses to “Dell + Linux = ?”

  1. John Campbell Rees Says:

    Isn’t that what WINE was invented for?

  2. alexicon Says:

    wine is not a windows emulator

    and good on dell. its about time all the windoze sheep get onto an OS that I won’t have headaches support and removing adware/viruses/spyware and everything else windows people seem to get wrong on their machines..

    go dell!

  3. airjrdn Says:

    Well, and while WINE and/or Crossover Office are helpful with some application, some things simply don’t work at all.

    I will admit though, it’s pretty slick when they do. Even the installers work like they do in Windows.

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