Bill Gates The Bully?

I don’t really see it, but hey, I’ve never worked at Microsoft.

Back when I was tomev at Microsoft (1992-1994), billg managed to a large degree by bullying. Even in conversation, btw, people at Microsoft were known by their email names.”

“Bill,” you say, “I know you made a billion dollars yesterday; I know you’re on the cover of Fortune; I know you can probably code this whole application in Visual Basic over the weekend; but you’re wrong.” And you tell him why and how you know you’re right.  You have to do this so you do.

You get no positive feedback.  Billg looks at you coldly.  “Go on,” he says.  You do just that.  You don’t go back and give more arguments for the point you made; you just continue.  You’ve also just passed a big test – if you turn out to be right.”

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