Gaboogie, The Conference That Calls You

“While they can’t eliminate the actual conference calls themselves, the founders of a new service called Gaboogie want to help reduce the administrative headaches of setting up and conducting conference calls, starting with a feature that calls the participants directly.”



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  1. Erik Says:

    Gaboogie is for those who use Enterprise conferencing solutions today who are looking to simply their life. Here is a small sampling of the features..

    – Dial out to all participants and bring them into the conference
    – Allow up to 150 simultaneous connections
    – Lecture mode and private sub conference calls
    – Hand up and down
    – Roll Call
    – Conference Lock
    – Scheduling with weekly recurring


    – Podcasting of one, some or all of your conference calls

    The fact that you can drop into private channels while in call with potentially over 100 people is very handy, especially if you are doing a live show on the net where your listeners want to participate. Chris Pirillo and I did a 1.5 hr live conf with many of his listeners last night, it worked very well. Here is a link to the RSS feed:

    You should really take a look at the app. Every user gets 100 free minutes so you can try it for free with no obligation.

  2. airjrdn Says:

    Thanks for the details Erik

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