Life Without Google

“How much did I use Google? Apparently a lot more often than even I could speculate. For the last two weeks, I’ve had blocked at both work and home. The amount of data they’re gathering on me is frightening. Not because of Google, but because I’m positive the government will legislate their way into Google’s database sooner or later and start labeling people as suspicious. Political paranoia aside, let us look at the fact here; Life on the internet without using Google is hard.The first thing to do was to block Google, but how? They’re on almost every website out there, and they provide the best search on the internet. Well, I determined 2 ways. The first move was to route the hostname to in my computer’s “hosts” file. I won’t get into technical details since most of the readers here are familiar enough with technology. The second move was to install AdBlock software and filter out every Google-owned domain name I knew of. Together, these two should do the trick at preventing me from accidentally coming across Google on the web. It worked.”



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