Understanding Piracy

“Piracy is a vast underworld of skilled, ninja-like hackers who blow up mainframe computers for profit. Actually, this is a complete lie, but the underworld part has some truth to it. There are two types of people/groups releasing movies, music, and everything else to the general public. There is the individual pirate who is on their own and perhaps decided one day to sneak a camcorder into the 11:35am showing of Happy Feet. They will go home, rip the video from his camcorder, encode it in a proper format, usually in the XviD codec, and will upload it to either a server or his peers. Some would call “casual piracy.” Nothing too huge and the pirate keeps to himself mostly. Your casual pirate could also be a top-tier uploader as well, someone who sends file after file to sharing sites in order to improve their ratio so they can download other files.”

Full Writeup


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