3 Ways To Adjust Your HDTV

“High-definition TV sets are big sellers these days, and no wonder, since the picture can be amazing. But a lot of people seem to care more about how cool the flat panels look on the wall than what the picture looks like: It’s common to see the image stretched horizontally to fill the screen, giving even the most attractive anchor a bloated look, or the color is off, giving everyone the reddish skin tone of the recently boiled.The fact is picture quality varies quite a bit among HDTV sets, and calibration is often necessary to make the image look the way it should.

I tried three different ways of doing this: two do-it-yourself methods, and one professional calibration.

Sadly, the DIY options were hit-and-miss. They helped a few sets, and screwed up others. A good calibration still seems to be the domain of professionals – a surprising situation in our age of smart machines.”



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