Uruguay Children Try Low-Cost Laptops

“Big smiles spread across the faces of the 160 pupils at a public elementary school in this rural South American hamlet: Each sat gawking at a brightly blinking laptop computer given them days earlier.”This is like an early visit from Santa Claus,” beamed 11-year old Eduardo de los Santos, clutching his computer with its shiny white case and bright green trim.

The machines are the first in South America from the much-publicized “One Laptop Per Child” project, which hopes to put low-cost portable PCs in the hands of children in developing countries. Still in a pilot phase, the group has also placed machines at one school in Nigeria and another in Thailand.”



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  1. Titus ALADEYELU Says:

    This is a great effort that l would love to be part of. l am a computer technologist residing in the USA but would like to help, assist the children of my country NIGERIA.
    Please, contact me and let me know how l can be of help through your program.
    Titus A. ALADEYELU

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