Google Releases Open Source Toolkit For Offline Web Apps

“Google joins the group of companies trying solve the offline web application problem with Google Gears. Released as an developer oriented open source technology, under a BSD license, as a new browser extension. It provides 3 significant components to the browser ecosystem. A multithreaded javascript environment, which provides a restricted background taks JavaScript environment for accessing remote data source without blocking the main UI. Adding support for local data storage is a new set of javascript APIs. The storage support transactional data based on SQLite. The last part is local application caching wich hosts data locally and pulls down updated data . So the other The plugin and SDK is released under a BSD license. The first Google app released as a Gears enabled example is Google Reader with offline capabilities. The Google Web Toolkit will add support for Gears to facilitate the easy of adding offline support to Google Web Toolkits.”



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