Apple iTunes Music Is DRM Free, But Your iTunes ID Is Embeded In The Music

“There’s been scuttlebutt on the Internets over the last few days over the revelation that Apple embeds your iTunes Store ID in the new DRM-free tracks it’s selling. It’s true, the info is right there. (And if you want to see it, there’s a much easier method than the Unix grep command TUAW suggests. Just right click a track and select “Get Info” and there it is.) This is shocking to some. It’s as if Apple and EMI actually want to discourage you from sharing their DRM-free files on peer to peer networks. Say it isn’t so.As Ars Technica reports in a post titled “Apple hides account info in DRM-free music, too”:

But there’s more to the story: Apple embeds your account information in all songs sold on the store, not just DRM-free songs.

ZOMG, RLY?!!!11!!!??For a site that’s been covering Apple for more than a week, this seems an odd revelation, considering the practice is ancient history dating back to the Store’s launch. (And by “hides,” they presumably mean, “leaves in plain view, easily accessible via a single keystroke or a right-click.”)”


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