Dell, What Gives With Your New Ubuntu PCs?

I’ve got to say I’m quite disappointed in what I’ve been reading from the reviews (Inspiron E1505 N, XPS 410 N) out there. It appears that Dell’s new Ubuntu PCs are nothing more than pre-built desktops and laptops with no operating system in place. What’s more, the only thing owners get in the box to get them on their way is an Ubuntu Install CD with a Dell EULA agreement (screenshot) added at the start. That’s pathetic!!! How’s that for a first time user experience (especially for those with no Linux experience)?”


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  1. Lionel@Dell Says:

    Thanks for the post and an interest in our Linux offering. I wanted clarify: the info you posted is not accurate. The truth is that we do indeed pre-install Ubuntu on the E520n. the XPS 410n, and the E1505n. Longer term, we are working to make more drivers available at the kernel level. When we get there, users will have the option to run whatever distro they want to.

    For more background, please take a look at my response to Alexander’s post yesterday:


    Lionel Menchaca
    Digital Media Manager, Direct2Dell

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