Five Of The Largest ISPs To Start Charging For Guaranteed Delivery Of Their Emails

“Five of the largest ISPs in the US are to start charging businesses for guaranteed delivery of their emails, in a bid to combat spam.Goodmail Systems, which provides a service called CertifiedEmail, has signed up Comcast, Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable’s Road Runner and Verizon as customers. Emails certified using the system are marked with a blue ribbon to show they come from a trusted source, thus bypassing spam filters – a privilege that will cost the sender a quarter of a US cent per email.

The voluntary scheme is aimed at large corporations and financial institutions whose mass mailings are most likely to be spoofed and caught in spam filters. Not-for-profit groups will be able to use the service for roughly a tenth of the commercial rate.

Goodmail’s chief executive, Richard Gingras, said: “With spam and phishing hitting historic highs even in the last six months, we have seen the limits of technologies which attempt to filter out the bad email. Consumers want their email system to let them know which email is real and safe to open and act on.””


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