Safari 3.0 Install Snafu Cripples Some Macs

“Some Mac users who have tried the three-day-old Safari 3.0 browser beta are hopping mad at Apple Inc. because several notable applications won’t work after installing the application.Numerous postings on Apple’s user-to-user support forum recounted various misfortunes when they installed the Safari preview — or tried to. Only hours after Safari 3.0’s launch, a user identified as max said, “Just downloaded it, but while installing the installer crashed. [N]ow my old safari is gone and the installer app does no longer work!”

Others quickly jumped in. “Same problem here,” said Senne. “Installer crashed, can’t launch any Cocoa app. iTunes, Coda, Adium, etc…all fail to launch.” Others jumped in to say that they’d had the same thing happen to them. Cocoa is Apple’s object-oriented development platform.”



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