Two More High-Level Google Engineers Have Left The Googleplex

“Bret Taylor (left) and Jim Norris (right), two of the masterminds behind Google Maps and several other Google products, have joined the firm as “Entrepreneurs in Residence.” This gives them paid positions to hang out at Benchmark’s offices on Silicon Valley’s Sand Hill Road and think through starting a business. They have a specific idea in mind, but are secretive about it, telling VentureBeat only that it’s a “consumer Internet” company.Benchmark has been loading up on EIRs lately — we reported last week on the hiring of Mike Cassidy for a similar position — in part because it is more aggressively investing in earlier companies. It now has four EIRs, up from two on average over the years. The EIR arrangement lets the firm build goodwill with entrepreneurs. In return, Benchmark expects entrepreneurs will look to Benchmark as their first source of funding. However, that requirement is not part of the contract, stresses Peter Fenton, a Benchmark partner.”



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