Software Lets Parents Monitor Kids’ Calls

“In March, 15-year-old Joshua Brumfield got a shiny new BlackBerry Pearl, and his parents got a new way to watch out for their son.

The Brumfields signed up to be early users of Radar, software designed to let parents monitor incoming calls on their child’s mobile phone. Anytime Joshua gets a call from someone not on a call list approved by his parents, they will receive a real-time text alert on their cell phone or online.

For example, during the first two days on the phone, Joshua got six calls from a stranger within a few hours–and the Brumfields got six text alerts. So they asked Joshua about the calls, and he told them they were from a man looking for his ex-girlfriend who didn’t believe that her number had changed. The stranger had grown more aggressive with each call, thinking that Joshua was a new boyfriend.

“Radar really helped us see this was definitely a problem, one our son wouldn’t have said anything about,” said Lisa Brumfield, a Laguna Hills, Calif., mother of three boys. Joshua’s father called the man to straighten out the situation.”



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