Why does Linux suck?

Don’t shoot me, I’m only the messenger here.  I do however agree with many of the points of the article.  It’s not a Linux bashing article at all.  It simply states things are clearly in the way of Linux gaining mass adoption.

“Given that 93% of the desktops in the world run an Operating System that costs an arm-and-a-leg, there must be something seriously wrong when you cannot give your Operating System away. So, why does Linux suck?


Linux is a modular Operating System, unlike Windows, it can combine any number of software packages to create a distribution. The end result is that there is no single Linux Operating System, but rather, a diverse number of variations. These variations can have different commands, desktops, directory structures, hardware detection systems, installation managers and software applications.”



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  1. Samisa Says:

    Absolutely! Linux does lack consistency. And a prime example is my workplace. Some of the folks use Ubantu, and I use Fedora. At the first glance, they use deb packages and I want rpms. We cannot share what we got. Some use Gnome desktop and I use KDE. I cannot run what they run and they cannot run what I run.

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