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This Is Just Downright Evil

June 24, 2007

“Texas based ISP Redmoon has implemented software that hijacks pages being visited by their customers by placing Redmoon’s own ads on these pages.The technology is provided by NebuAD, which boasts that ISP delivered advertisements are an untapped source of revenue.

Every single web site owner is affected by NebuAD’s technology: whether a site is running ads or not makes no difference, Customers of any ISP evil enough to run NebuAD’s platform are going to see ads on every page on every site; ads that don’t benefit the content creator. It is important to note that these ads are NOT pop-ups, and this is not a free internet service; the ads are served as if they were part of the page, to paying internet customers who are NOT made aware that these ads have been inserted by their ISP.”


Quake Wars To Contain In-Game Ads

June 20, 2007

“Splash Damage’s upcoming multiplayer shooter Enemy Territory: Quake Wars will contain in-game advertising, producer Neil Postlethwaite confirmed today on the game’s development blog. According to the producer, the ad program will help finance Splash Damage’s plans for ongoing maintenance and content updates to the game.”For the last four years, we’ve put all of our effort into making Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars. So, we’re not planning to ship this game and walk away. We want to keep supporting ETQW in as many ways as possible,” wrote Postlethwaite. “To help cover this level of on-going support without passing the costs on to the gamer, ETQW will feature appropriate advertisements in select locations of our levels.”


Google Conflict Of Interest?

May 6, 2007

“Google makes almost all of its revenues from two ad networks:-AdWords: Customers advertise on Google web sites.

-AdSense: Customers advertise on Google partner sites, which includes many media companies.

Google’s revenue in 2004 was about evenly split between AdWords and AdSense.

Since then, Google’s revenue from its own sites has grown by 24 percent to 62 percent of total revenues. AdSense has fallen.”

And this is where it has a mammoth conflict of interest:

Which advertising network should Google invest in?

-A dollar invested in its AdWords produces far more profit than invested in AdSense, its partner network. Management has a fiduciary duty to its shareholders to maximize profits.

-Google can boost overall profits by undercutting AdSense at anytime it wants, say  by offering a discount on AdWords compared with AdSense. A 20 percent discount on AdWords would make more money for Google than the corresponding loss of business through AdSense partners.

-Google can undercut AdSense in other ways, and is already doing it, by investing in technology that improves AdWords conversions over AdSense. Google can apply technologies to its own sites that make them more efficient at selling ads. It can’t do that with partner sites. And partner sites don’t have the resources to improve their advertising conversions at a similar pace.”

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Ads in games

February 8, 2007

We’re starting to see things like this (Microsoft to Share Ad Revenue With Casual Game Developers) everyday.  While I’m fine with there being an ad here and there in the games I play, I won’t be fine with it when the ads are retrieved during gameplay.  The first time I miss a shot in Unreal Tournament 3 because the game was retrieving an iCantStandiPods ad, I’ll never buy anything from that company again.

It’ll happen, mark my words.