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Want To Get Paid To Surf?

March 27, 2007

Yeah, me too.  Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy.

“Agloco is a pay to surf MLM scheme that exploded onto the interwebs late last year. It is backed by the same team as AllAdvantage which crashed and burned in the bubble years.”

“AllAdvantage had a simple proposition: pay people a fixed hourly rate for the hours they spent browsing the internet with their software and use an MLM structure to attract new users. As you’d expect, this lead to legions of bots that pretended to surf. In contrast, Agloco uses a tortuously roundabout path to go from surfing to actual payment of money.”

Check out the tortuously roundabout path for getting paid.

Google Apps Premier – A Bad Idea

February 22, 2007

Hmm…let’s see, we’ve got downtime, and plenty of security issues, here’s an idea, put all of your business apps in their hands! Yeah right.

Here it is

Just what the RIAA needed, more bad press

February 19, 2007

“The NY times is carrying an article about how the RIAA is hiring hip hop artists to make mix tapes, and then helping the police raid their studios. In the case of DJ Drama and DJ Don Cannon, they were raided by SWAT teams with their guns drawn. The local police chief said later that they were ‘prepared for the worst.’ Men in RIAA jackets helped cart away ‘evidence’. Just the same, ‘Record labels regularly hire mixtape D.J.’s to produce CDs featuring a specific artist. In many cases, these arrangements are conducted with a wink and a nod rather than with a contract; the label doesn’t officially grant the D.J. the right to distribute the artist’s songs or formally allow the artist to record work outside of his contract.’ “ This is more of the shenanigans that we’ve previously discussed on the site.”

Story on Slashdot

Google funds software pirates (again?)

February 14, 2007

Previously talked about here, it was suggested that Google was funding piracy.  In the news again, it is suggested that Google received over $800k for it’s efforts.


Google funds software pirates

February 12, 2007

Which is ironic since they cancelled the Adsense account on my freeware site

Get the scoop

Two girls play a computer prank? Cool!

February 11, 2007

Here’s one you don’t see everyday (yet).  Girls using computers to play pranks.  Obviously something they shouldn’t have done, but the potential punishment is a little harsh IMO, and hey, give ’em a break, this is something only guys would historically do.  Plus, no one got hurt, it was just a prank, lighten up!

TRENTON, OhioTwo teenage girls posted a fake announcement on their school district’s Web site that said school was closed for the day due to winter weather, police said.

The notice, posted Monday, confused many parents – snow was not in the forecast – and persuaded some students to stay home.

Edgewood City Schools Superintendent Tom York said he discovered the posting when he logged on to write his own announcement that school would be delayed for an hour because of an extreme cold snap.

“I didn’t make that call, and I’m the guy who does, so I knew something was up,” York said.”


Comcast: Sorry, you’ve used the net too much, account suspended

February 11, 2007

300G is a lot to download, but if you’re advertising “unlimited internet usage”….

“Comcast asked Frank to cut back his unlimited internet usage. Frank was confused. He thought unlimited meant, well, unlimited. Frank was wrong. Very wrong.

Comcast replaced Frank’s faulty cable modem in November. Frank’s wife received a warning from Comcast in December. Their excessive internet required upgrading to a business account for an additional $10 per month. Maybe $20. The CSRs weren’t clear. Frank decided something wasn’t right and stopped trying to resolve the situation.

January 19, Frank tries to check his e-mail. No internet. No internet? NO INTERNET?! Frank’s wife calls Comcast. There’s a note in their account. They must contact Comcast’s Ministry of Love Network Abuse and Policy Observance Department.

Comcast accused Frank of downloading 305GB in November and 297GB in December. It’s Comcast’s policy to suspend any account that exceeds usage limits twice in any year. Doesn’t Comcast advertise unlimited use? What are the usage caps? Comcast representatives would only say “I’m sorry but I cannot divulge that information.”

Frank escalated the call until reaching the omnipotent Geovanny. The dialogue from his conversations with Comcast, inside…”

Continue for their actual conversation

Check other POP3 email accounts within Gmail

February 10, 2007

Yep, you read that right.  Login to Gmail, go to settings, then accounts, and you should see “Get mail from other accounts”, allowing you to check your other email accounts through your Gmail interface.

Personally, I’m not into giving them access to absolutely everything, but there are still hordes of people out there that still believe Google isn’t evil and they’re more than willing to let them get their hands into anything and everything.

Netvibes module developer collects web credentials

February 8, 2007

“A French security blogger gained access to private user data on personal homepage service Netvibes last weekend, exposing stored usernames and passwords for popular integrated web services as well as user content loaded in the page. The blogger’s account has since been deleted from Blog*Spot (currently cached on Yahoo!), but he provided extended details to French blog Le blog de ¥€$ (English translation). Netvibes has since claimed to patch “a security vulnerability in webnotes” exploited by this developer. I alluded to some of these issues with stored user information, phishing, and general brand confusion in a post two months ago about the popularity of available widgets regardless of their makers.”

Full story here

See, you should be using 🙂

In case your car insurance isn’t high enough already

February 5, 2007

An LCD screen mounted in the sun visor.