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Best Buy Geek Squad Stealing Your Porn?

July 10, 2007

hashand: I used to work at a computer repair place. All the stuff you’re finding isn’t limited to Best Buy. We had a 2 TB [terabyte] server of mp3s.The problem is that management at these places typically aren’t that tech literate and the techs are underpaid skeezy comp-sci majors. One guy actually resold to amateur porn sites with what he found. A 4-year degree for 9.50 an hour and that’s the kind of “great attitude” you end up with.
benpopken: Precisely the scenario I envisioned, reselling to amateur sites.
hashand: Yah. 11 years at these places. Geek Squad didn’t start it. It’s the industry.

benpopken: Was it a national chain or just local?
hashand: Regional chain. 42 locations. To be fair, this is a relatively “new” problem. Maybe in the last 8 years. But yeah, we had a whole 2TB server + directconnect hub. If there was enough good stuff, we’d rip your drive and replace it with a refurb. Keep the drive and just tell you we wiped it
benpopken: Hot.
hashand: I didn’t do repairs, i worked on the database and that’s how i found out about the server.”


Best Buy Customer: I Know That Said $25 On Your Website!

March 2, 2007

Previous Story  (Best Buy’s Secret “Employee Only” In-Store Website Shows Different Prices Than Public Website)

Latest Information  (Best Buy Confirms The Existence Of Its Secret Website)

“In the wake of an investigation launched by the Connecticut Attorney General’s office, Best Buy has finally admitted that the now-infamous “secret intranet” (used to mislead in-store customers about BestBuy’s online prices) exists. The website looks identical to…except for the prices.”

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