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Gates No Longer The Richest Man In The World?

July 3, 2007

“Bill Gates appears to have been dethroned as the world’s richest man. But based on his past comments, he probably isn’t disappointed.

The Microsoft Corp. chairman and co-founder has been overtaken on the world’s richest list by Mexican telecommunications tycoon Carlos Slim, according to a Mexican financial news service quoted by Reuters.

A 27 percent surge in the stock price of Slim’s wireless company, American Movil, in the second quarter has put his worth at close to $67.8 billion, Reuters reported Tuesday.

Reuters quoted financial tracker Eduardo Garcia, from Sentido Comun, an online financial publication. Garcia estimated that Gates was worth $59.2 billion, Reuters reported.”


Harvard Dean: Bill Gates Shouldn’t Have Dropped Out

June 10, 2007

“One of World’s most influential and powerful Business Leader has spoken and imho spoken well. While addressing Harvard University grads Gates said:

“Judge yourself not on the professional accomplishments but on how well you have addressed the world’s inequities, how you have treated people who have nothing to do with you other than a shared humanity”

Harvard bestowed an honorary doctorate on Gates; who had dropped out (of Harvard) in 1975. Whats surprising is Dean Bok’s words to Gates about his potentially achieving more if he hadn’t dropped-out:

“Just think what you could have achieved if you had stayed another two years”


Gates, Jobs Make Rare Joint Appearance

May 31, 2007

“It was pure technology theater – Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Apple’s Steve Jobs sharing a stage for the first time in two decades.But in the end, last night’s highly anticipated face-off between the computer industry rivals produced polite, witty and straightforward banter and not many zingers.”

” Even questions about the rivalry from Wall Street Journal technology columnist Walt Mossberg and reporter Kara Swisher – the hosts of the “D: All Things Digital” conference in Carlsbad – mostly failed to get the technology icons to take the bait.”

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Bill Gates The Bully?

May 6, 2007

I don’t really see it, but hey, I’ve never worked at Microsoft.

Back when I was tomev at Microsoft (1992-1994), billg managed to a large degree by bullying. Even in conversation, btw, people at Microsoft were known by their email names.”

“Bill,” you say, “I know you made a billion dollars yesterday; I know you’re on the cover of Fortune; I know you can probably code this whole application in Visual Basic over the weekend; but you’re wrong.” And you tell him why and how you know you’re right.  You have to do this so you do.

You get no positive feedback.  Billg looks at you coldly.  “Go on,” he says.  You do just that.  You don’t go back and give more arguments for the point you made; you just continue.  You’ve also just passed a big test – if you turn out to be right.”

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Would You Have Bet Against Gates?

March 21, 2007

“Being one of the world’s shrewdest businessmen apparently doesn’t count for much on the virtual soccer pitch. In Mexico on Tuesday to mark his company’s 20th anniversary in the country, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates lost a game of Xbox 360 soccer to Mexican national player Rafael Marquez.”

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