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New Content Protection System Ready For Blu-ray Disc

June 22, 2007

“Blu-ray Disc is getting another layer of content protection with the availability of BD Plus (BD+). The system, from BD+ Technologies LLC, is now complete and available to all Hollywood movie studios and content developers for implementation in Blu-ray Disc media.

Issued by BD+ Technologies are system specifications, key management rules, test specifications and various agreements. Also launched are a key issuing center, testing centers for players, and testing facilities for disc playability.”


Blockbuster Socks HD-DVD In The Gut

June 19, 2007

While my colleague Steve Wilson is much more of a high-def optical disk expert than myself, I think this decision by Blockbuster definitely puts a chink in HD-DVD’s armor. The HD-DVD promotional group was, not surprisingly, unhappy with the decision.

“I think trying to make a format decision using such a short time period is really not measuring what the consumer is saying,” said Ken Graffeo, co-president of the group.

Its not exactly the death of HD-DVD, but I think all it would take is one more departure of a studio and the writing will be on the wall in permanent ink and spray-paint. Currently HD-DVD has exclusive support from only Paramount, while Blu-ray has Columbia, MGM, Disney, Fox and Lion’s Gate. Luckily for HD-DVD, home video behemoth Warner Brothers hasn’t shown any signs of skittishness.”


AACS Remains Confident In Protecting HD DVD, Blu-ray Disc

June 1, 2007

“Efforts that began in December 2006 and continued through February 2007 lead to the discovery of the Processing Key used to encrypt high-definition media with the Advanced Access Content System. The work of a small hacking community created essentially a silver bullet that was able to defeat the copy protection of all HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc media on the market at that time.

The Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administration (AACS LA) acknowledged the effectiveness of the hack and began to enact measures to restore the integrity of its technology. Beginning May 22, which is most notably the release date of the Matrix trilogy on HD DVD, all high-definition titles shipped with Media Key Block (MKB) v3 – a new encryption key version that would render the previously discovered Processing Key obsolete.

Interestingly enough, the AACS’ updated protection measures appeared to be defeated by SlySoft, makers of AnyDVD HD software, before the new MKB versions officially hit streets. The AACS has yet to officially issue a statement and is current investigating the latest attack on the system, according to comments made by Richard E. Doherty, director of technology strategy at Microsoft, who is also actively involved with the AACS.”


LG Super Multi Blue for PC

May 12, 2007

“PC World got their hands on a LG GGW-H10NI Super Multi Blue BD Drive/HD DVD Reader. Oh my goodness that name is horrible. It’s the PC version of the Super Multi Blue that LG released for home theaters, but this version also boasts 2x single layer (4x disc) Blu-ray disc burning.”


All Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD Encryption Defeated by Single Key?

February 18, 2007

“Last December, a hacker named “Muslix64” circumvented HD DVD copy protection, resulting in the release of pirated copies on the Internet. Less than one month later, the same Muslix64, with the help of another hacker, was able to crack the encryption on Blu-ray Discs.

On Sunday, another Doom9 forum poster named “arnezami” presented the next great breakthrough in HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc decryption. Previously, every HD movie needed its own unique key in order to be decrypted; but with arnezami’s discovery, there is one key to rule them all — at least for now, until the Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator gets on it.

What arnezami found was the Processing Key, which appears to be the silver bullet in decrypting all existing HD DVD and Blu-ray Discs. Arnezami was armed only with an Xbox 360 HD DVD player and the bundled King Kong movie. Other Doom9 forum contributors posted their keys to HD DVD movies such as The Departed and Spy Game, which were proved decryptable using the Processing Key.”

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HD-DVD and Blu-Ray DRM hacked

February 13, 2007

“Making backup copies of movies you purchase on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs may have just gotten a little easier. Just a few months after members at the Doom9 forums uncovered a way to extract individual volume keys that allow you to decrypt the AACS copy protection for individual movies, it looks like they’ve found the holy grail: a processing key used on every disc.”


Blue Ray and HD-DVD problems? No way….

February 13, 2007

With all of the checks throughout the hardware pieces, this is just a sign of things to come.  I already won’t buy CDs because of the RIAA’s mob-like tactics.  If this stuff continues, I’ll no longer buy movies either.  Playing a movie shouldn’t be this hard…they aren’t that good.

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