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Software Lets Parents Monitor Kids’ Calls

July 10, 2007

“In March, 15-year-old Joshua Brumfield got a shiny new BlackBerry Pearl, and his parents got a new way to watch out for their son.

The Brumfields signed up to be early users of Radar, software designed to let parents monitor incoming calls on their child’s mobile phone. Anytime Joshua gets a call from someone not on a call list approved by his parents, they will receive a real-time text alert on their cell phone or online.

For example, during the first two days on the phone, Joshua got six calls from a stranger within a few hours–and the Brumfields got six text alerts. So they asked Joshua about the calls, and he told them they were from a man looking for his ex-girlfriend who didn’t believe that her number had changed. The stranger had grown more aggressive with each call, thinking that Joshua was a new boyfriend.

“Radar really helped us see this was definitely a problem, one our son wouldn’t have said anything about,” said Lisa Brumfield, a Laguna Hills, Calif., mother of three boys. Joshua’s father called the man to straighten out the situation.”


Sony Ericsson Intros 5Mp Cyber-Shot Phone

June 15, 2007

“The K850 is set to go on sale early in Q4 – October, basically. When it arrives, it will not only sport that higher-resoution image grabber but also a xenon flash, auto-focus, 16x digital zoom and a 2.2in, 320 x 240, 262,144-colour display. It also has 3G connectivity with HSDPA high-speed download technology. Sony Ericsson claimed the camera can upload at HSDPA speeds too – does it have HSUPA (High Speed Uplink Packet Access) on board? If it does, that’s not an abbreviation the company mentioned.”


Use Your Cingular Cell Phone As A Modem

June 10, 2007

You’ll first need to connect your desktop/laptop/notebook to your phone via infrared, bluetooth, or USB.  USB is the most consistent, but bluetooth works very well too.  To do this, turn on bluetooth (or infrared) on the phone, then connect to it from the computer.  This should be relatively straightforward, but could be different for different phone types.  It was very easy with my Sony Ericsson W300i.

Setup a new dialup connection – Start-Control Panel-Network Connections-New Connection Wizard-Next-Connect to the Internet-Next-Setup my connection manually-Next-Connect using a dial-up modem-Next-ISP Name (Cingular)-Next-Phone Number (*99***1#)-UserName (WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM) Password (CINGULAR1) (Uncheck both boxes)-Next-Finish

Downloads (surfing, etc.) will probably count as MEdia Net time, so be aware of how much you’re actually using it.  It may be worthwhile to purchase one of their data plans, but this should work fine in a pinch.

New Display Lengthens Gadget Life

June 8, 2007

“Cell-phone and laptop batteries could last up to 50 percent longer, thanks to a new type of display technology that’s being developed by Clairvoyante, a company based in Cupertino, CA. Clairvoyante announced last month that it was introducing technology that could allow cell-phone, digital-camera, and laptop makers to develop power-saving displays that could dynamically adjust their backlight and color intensity based on the color and brightness of the content.”


Kids’ First Exposure To Gaming, Cell Phones Becoming Earlier

June 7, 2007

Having 3 kids – 5, 3, 11 months, and one on the way, I can relate to this article.  At 3, I give them a PC.  Sometime around then, they also get a kids digital camera, inexpensive MP3 player, and portable dvd player for road trips.

“Kids are being exposed to consumer electronics at ever-younger ages, according to a new report, and the frequency of use is going up for some devices. The numbers come as part of the NPD Group’s third annual Kids and Consumer Electronics Trends report, which examines the penetration of various consumer electronics in the lives of kids throughout the US. The average age that kids first use consumer electronics was 8.1 years in 2005; it has now fallen to 6.7 years old, according to the NPD Group.

The use of portable digital media players (PDMPs), portable video games, and digital cameras saw the largest percentage growth, with the use of cell phones and portable DVD players also growing. The earliest age of significant exposure in NPD’s study came at 4 or 5 with televisions and computers, with the average for gadgets like PDMPs and satellite radios coming a little later at about 9 years of age. Children are most likely to have their own handheld consoles, digital cameras, and PDMPs, according to the report; the overall number of devices both owned and used have dropped since the 2005 survey.”


PSP Phone From Sony Ericsson

June 1, 2007

“Nowadays everything seems to be converging into a mobile phone. It already can be a perfectly good digital camera, a mobile TV station a music player or GPS receiver. One of the things missing here was a mobile gaming platform. But it’s coming too.

And who’s better positioned to create a perfect mobile gaming platform then Sony? It already has one – Sony PSP. It also makes some great mobile phones via joint venture with Swedish Ericsson.

Their recent patent filing shows how Sony Ericsson will go about integrating these two gadgets:”


PSP To Become Cellphone in UK

May 23, 2007

“Sony is teaming up with BT in the UK to transform the PSP into a cellphone of sorts, letting users hop onto BT hotspots (or their own personal WANs) ’round the country and make phone and video calls. Sony is expected to release a microphone and camera in the UK “soon,” which would facilitate the PSP Phone. BT picked the PSP because of its screen and audio capabilities. How nice of them.”


Hospital Equipment Unaffected by Cell Phone Use

March 13, 2007

I’ve always wondered about that, since things don’t go crazy when I sometimes forget to turn it off when I’m there.

“Calls made on cellular phones have no negative impact on hospital medical devices, dispelling the long-held notion that they are unsafe to use in health care facilities, according to Mayo Clinic researchers.”

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