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May 24, 2007

“The nightmare begins early in the morning with an innocuous-looking e-mail on your mobile phone instructing you to check a specific Web site for information about repairing your credit score.

You go to the Web site, decide it’s just another piece of spam, and move on through your normal daily routine. There’s the check-by-phone payment of your credit card bill, a high-level confidential business teleconference discussing sensitive company information, and finally arranging a dinner with that cute co-worker you don’t want your boyfriend to know about.
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CNN’s Richard Lui reports on mobile spam — spam mail sent directly to your cell phone (April 13)
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Little do you know that all the while, someone else has been watching – and listening.

Welcome to the brave new world of smartphone spying, where dark-souled hackers with bad intentions use readily available technology to track every move you make with your cell phone, Bluetooth or personal digital assistant.”