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Comcast: Sorry, you’ve used the net too much, account suspended

February 11, 2007

300G is a lot to download, but if you’re advertising “unlimited internet usage”….

“Comcast asked Frank to cut back his unlimited internet usage. Frank was confused. He thought unlimited meant, well, unlimited. Frank was wrong. Very wrong.

Comcast replaced Frank’s faulty cable modem in November. Frank’s wife received a warning from Comcast in December. Their excessive internet required upgrading to a business account for an additional $10 per month. Maybe $20. The CSRs weren’t clear. Frank decided something wasn’t right and stopped trying to resolve the situation.

January 19, Frank tries to check his e-mail. No internet. No internet? NO INTERNET?! Frank’s wife calls Comcast. There’s a note in their account. They must contact Comcast’s Ministry of Love Network Abuse and Policy Observance Department.

Comcast accused Frank of downloading 305GB in November and 297GB in December. It’s Comcast’s policy to suspend any account that exceeds usage limits twice in any year. Doesn’t Comcast advertise unlimited use? What are the usage caps? Comcast representatives would only say “I’m sorry but I cannot divulge that information.”

Frank escalated the call until reaching the omnipotent Geovanny. The dialogue from his conversations with Comcast, inside…”

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