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How’s My Driving? Dial My License Plate

May 22, 2007

“IN “American Graffiti,” the character played by Richard Dreyfuss spends much of the movie pursuing a mysterious woman played by Suzanne Somers, who drives a white Ford Thunderbird.If only they had SameLane, a service that allows drivers to call strangers on the road by dialing their license plate numbers into cellphones. A CB radio for this century, SameLane is aimed at commuters stuck in traffic, long-haul drivers fighting fatigue and good Samaritans trying to help people with broken taillights and such.

To use the service, which goes live on Monday, drivers register their cellphone and license plate numbers with SameLane, which sends them bumper stickers identifying the drivers as part of the SameLane network. After spotting a member, drivers dial a company number, punch in the license plate number of the car they want to reach and wait for SameLane’s computers to connect the call.

Registration and the first three calls of up to three minutes each are free. Callers then pay $1.99 a minute using a debit account that must be set up on SameLane’s site, Of course, if drivers like each other, they can exchange cellphone numbers and talk without SameLane.”