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Felony Charge For Digg Story

June 18, 2007

From the Summary:  “I am being charged with a felony for a digg story I submitted last month. It was the #1 dugg video for May 13, and was linked to YouTube telling about a Sony HDV camcorder that was stolen from me. The story showed the phone number of the theft suspect, which is illegal under Michigan law. I’m in trouble and the thief goes free”

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Who Matters More: Kevin Rose Or Steve Jobs?

June 11, 2007

” I’m as big a Kevin Rose fan as the next guy, but is he really more important in the world of business than Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or Eric Schmidt? You can vote right now online for who you think should have made it to the top of Business 2.0’s annual People Who Matter Now list (which will come out in our July issue).”


Website: – Tabbed List Of Mirrors For Sites Posted To Digg

May 17, 2007

If you’ve ever tried to reach a site that’s made it to Digg’s front page, you know that they are often down and unreachable for hours.  Many sites actually get their hosting accounts suspected or terminated due to the massive increase in traffic.  Similar to, links directly to the original site, but also to “copies” of the site offered by Coral Cache,, and others.

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Digg Pulling More Stories?

May 15, 2007

“When digg’s staff began pulling stories during the HD-DVD key fiasco because they were either potentially violating digg’s TOS or could simply land the site in hot water, that was one thing. But when Andy Hagans (a self-proclaimed professional link baiter, mind you) does some real poking around to uncover intriguing evidence that digg’s staff – not the Bury Brigade™, as they’re called – is pulling stories they don’t like, it’s a whole different story.

To summarize: Andy and some of his friends have noticed healthy stories that were rising up the ranks suddenly disappear. While plenty of stories have suffered the fate of being buried, these stories weren’t showing up in specific searches of buried stories. Replying to Andy’s query of digg’s staff as to what’s up, they apparently offered what is sounding more and more like the canned cop-out: “it was buried as lame by too many users.””


Kevin ‘Digg’ Rose goes for 3rd startup

May 10, 2007

“First Digg, then the online video network, Revision 3 and now another start-up!Business Week poster boy Kevin Rose is rumored to have teamed up with Daniel Burka also of Digg, and first time entrepreneur Leah Culver and has started a new company. Rose and Burka have worked closely on tools like Digg Spy. Burka is one of the main designers of Rose and Burka have worked closely for nearly two years.

We have learned from sources familiar with the company, that the trio are currently working on a new kind of a communications tool, that can be dubbed as an IM competitor.”


Digg User Banned For Posting HD-DVD Key?

May 1, 2007

“It all started last night. I’m reading my RSS feeds and I come across an article on Digg.

Spread this number. Now.
09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0. It’s the HD-DVD processing key you can use to decrypt and play most HD-DVD movies in Linux. Movie studios are going ballistic over this leak, so Digg the story up and make it reach the front page.

Are you serious? That’s awesome! Somebody found a key that allows Linux users watch HD-DVDs! Naturally, I wanted to find out more, so I clicked the link. Much to my dismay, that story had been deleted from Digg already. Why is this story gone? Who deleted it? How dare they?! They can’t censor that kind of stuff can they? I go back to my Google Reader, copy and paste the entire thing into a new story, and resubmit it.

I went to sleep, and didn’t think much about what I had done.

Until morning.”

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