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Google Reader Downtime

June 25, 2007

Google Reader, the market leading RSS reading platform according to some reports, appears to have suffered from technical difficulties resulting in feeds not refreshing from around 11pm US PST Sunday.Reports on the Google Reader user forums would confirm the issue.

Google Reader itself is still accessible, all feeds imported into the system before this time remain readable; it would appear to be an issue where no new data is being imported into Reader.”


XM Blames Software For Outages

May 22, 2007

The space-age entertainment service blew a gasket, but is now back online

XM Satellite Radio officials report that the company’s audio subscription service is now back in action, after software glitch caused nationwide outages yesterday.

In a posting on the company’s Web site, XM apologized for inconveniencing customers “who experienced outages or significantly degraded service starting yesterday.” The Washington-based company said the problems began during the loading of a critical software component, causing XM’s satellite broadcast system to temporarily lose contact with  one of the company’s satellites. ”