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Microsoft, Mozilla Execs Respond To Safari On Windows Announcement

June 14, 2007

“For companies like Microsoft and Mozilla, Safari coming to Windows means that one more competitor will be thrown into the Windows browser battlefield. While neither company has expressed dismay with Apple’s decision to put Safari on Windows, on Monday executives from both Microsoft and Mozilla expressed a lack of concern for their new (Windows) foe.”


New AllPeers v0.60 Bundled With Firefox

June 6, 2007

“Adds new features, makes it easier to add friends and family to share files with, and combines Firefox web browser and the AllPeers add-on in a single download.

With previous versions of AllPeers it was somewhat difficult to try and get new friends and family connected to to your AllPeers file and data sharing network but, with the latest v0.60 release it has been bundled with Firefox to make it even easier to get others connected.

Instead of having to guide them through a new browser and plugin installation, it’s now been simplified to a one-step download operation. New users can now simultaneously switch to the more secure browser while gaining the ability to join a private file-sharing network with AllPeers.

They’ve also included a new feature that allows you to import your contacts from some of the more popular e-mail programs and sites like Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo so you don’t have to enter all of them by hand.”


Microsoft Releases a Firefox Extension!

March 13, 2007

“I had been wondering what the latest news on Photosynth was so I just jumped over to their blog to find out that almost two months ago they released a Firefox extension/plugin for the service. Previously Photosynth was only available for Internet Explorer but now it can also be used in Firefox with the help of the extension.”

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Firefox 3 to support offline apps

February 12, 2007

That thing is going to end up being an operating system before it’s over.  Some of the addons/extensions for Firefox add functionality that stole me away from Maxthon.  The ones I swear by are Adblock Plus, Filterset G. Updater for Adblock, DownloadThemAll, FireFTP, Flashblock, Forecast Fox, Go Up, IE Tab, Paste and Go 2, and definitely Tab Mix Plus.  This doesn’t even count ones like AllPeers, that allow you P2P filesharing with only those you want to share with.

I’ve even put together a Firefox Better Browsing extension that bundles all of these together that you can download on
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