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Best Buy Customer: I Know That Said $25 On Your Website!

March 2, 2007

Previous Story  (Best Buy’s Secret “Employee Only” In-Store Website Shows Different Prices Than Public Website)

Latest Information  (Best Buy Confirms The Existence Of Its Secret Website)

“In the wake of an investigation launched by the Connecticut Attorney General’s office, Best Buy has finally admitted that the now-infamous “secret intranet” (used to mislead in-store customers about BestBuy’s online prices) exists. The website looks identical to…except for the prices.”

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New Credit Cards May Leak Personal Information

February 16, 2007

“You may be carrying a new type of credit card that can transmit your personal information to anyone who gets close to you with a scanner.The new cards–millions of which have been issued over the past year–use RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, technology. RFID allows scanners to use radio signals at varying distances to read information stored on a computer chip.”

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