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Google Disables An Official Google Blog After Deciding It Was Spam

August 9, 2007

This is just classic..

“This is how you know you’ve got a problem with splogs (or spam blogs created for the sole purpose of making money through advertising or sales of often dubious products). Google accidentally disabled the Official Google Custom Search blog this morning after Google software identified the blog as spam.”


Google’s 2Q Profit Disappoints Investors

July 20, 2007

“Google Inc. (GOOG, News) co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page have always told Wall Street that positioning the Internet search leader to realize its long-term ambitions is more important to them than meeting the earnings expectations of shortsighted investors. Just in case anyone forgot, the company punctuated the point with its second-quarter results.Propelled by the online advertising boom, Google said Thursday that revenue surged to $3.87 billion, up 58 percent from the same time last year – a gain that was slightly above analyst estimates.

But Google’s profit margins narrowed as management ramped up spending to hire additional employees and buy more content for its Web sites. That left Google with a 28 percent increase in its second-quarter earnings, by far its slowest growth since becoming a public company in August 2004.

Investors expressed their dismay in Thursday’s extended trading, causing Google shares to plunge by $39.06, or 7.1 percent, after ending the regular session at $548.59. If it carries over into Friday’s trading, the harsh reaction threatens to wipe out about $12 billion in shareholder wealth.”


Google Buys Postini

July 10, 2007

“Postini is specialized in security and compliance solutions. Their main focus is in securing email and IM communication, mainly TLS based communications. Google is, well, globally the best search engine as well as the biggest provider of innovative solutions like Google Apps.

And now they are together. Google just aquired Postini.

Notably Google was already utilizing Postini technology with Gmail; the acquisition would appear to be a case of Google wanting to own a technology it was already using under license.(TechCrunch)”


Google Still Whining

July 4, 2007

“Google Inc. still hopes to influence changes that Microsoft Corp. plans to make in Vista’s desktop search function, even after the parties involved in Microsoft’s 2002 antitrust settlement agreed to alterations to the search system.On Monday, in response to Microsoft’s opposition to an earlier request, Google asked that the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia allow it to weigh in as an interested party regarding the way the search function should be changed. The filing comes two weeks after Microsoft and the plaintiffs in the antitrust suit said that they had worked together and agreed to changes.”


Google Loses Gmail Trademark Case

July 4, 2007

A court in Germany today banned Google from using the name ‘Gmail’ for its popular webmail service following a trademark suit filed by the founder of G-Mail. Daniel Giersch, started using the name G-Mail in 2000, four years before Google released ‘Gmail’. “Google infringed the young businessman’s trademark that had been previously been registered,” said the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court in its judgement.”


Google To Acquire GrandCentral

June 25, 2007

“Google is in acquisition discussions with telephone management startup GrandCentral, we’ve learned, and we have a high degree of confidence that the deal has actually been closed. We are trying to nail down the acquisition price.The basic idea around GrandCentral is “one phone number for all your phones, for life.” As we change jobs, homes and cell phones, there are a lot of phone numbers to keep track of, and keeping everyone up to date with your most recent phone numbers is a real cost. If you use GrandCentral you can give out a single phone number. What happens when that person calls that number depends on his/her relationship to you, and what you are doing at the time.”


Google Reader Downtime

June 25, 2007

Google Reader, the market leading RSS reading platform according to some reports, appears to have suffered from technical difficulties resulting in feeds not refreshing from around 11pm US PST Sunday.Reports on the Google Reader user forums would confirm the issue.

Google Reader itself is still accessible, all feeds imported into the system before this time remain readable; it would appear to be an issue where no new data is being imported into Reader.”


Google Turns Its Hardware Manufacturing Over To Dell

June 22, 2007

“Google, long rumored to be getting into the hardware business, has finally gotten out of it, as least as a manufacturer. While whispers about a Google phone, Google chips, and Google PCs continue to tantalize consumers, the search company said on Thursday that it had recently partnered with Dell to manufacture the Google Search Appliance (GSA), fulfilling a deal disclosed last summer.

Dell began trumpeting Google as a customer several weeks ago with an ad campaign aimed at business customers.

Up until late last year, Google assembled its high-end enterprise search box on its own, from components supplied by a variety of white-box manufacturers. (The low-end Google Mini search box is currently manufactured by San Jose, Calif.-based Supermicro Computer Inc.)

“When the business was much smaller, it was an easy thing for us to do,” said Matthew Glotzbach, director of product management for Google Enterprise. “Google does a lot on the hardware side with our own data centers. So it wasn’t really much of a stretch to handle that sort of smaller operation.”

But Google had problems scaling. The Google Search Appliance proved to be quite popular and Google had to decide either to staff up and improve its manufacturing operation or look to a third-party.”


Two More High-Level Google Engineers Have Left The Googleplex

June 21, 2007

“Bret Taylor (left) and Jim Norris (right), two of the masterminds behind Google Maps and several other Google products, have joined the firm as “Entrepreneurs in Residence.” This gives them paid positions to hang out at Benchmark’s offices on Silicon Valley’s Sand Hill Road and think through starting a business. They have a specific idea in mind, but are secretive about it, telling VentureBeat only that it’s a “consumer Internet” company.Benchmark has been loading up on EIRs lately — we reported last week on the hiring of Mike Cassidy for a similar position — in part because it is more aggressively investing in earlier companies. It now has four EIRs, up from two on average over the years. The EIR arrangement lets the firm build goodwill with entrepreneurs. In return, Benchmark expects entrepreneurs will look to Benchmark as their first source of funding. However, that requirement is not part of the contract, stresses Peter Fenton, a Benchmark partner.”


Google Whines, Microsoft Caves

June 20, 2007

“Microsoft agreed Tuesday to make changes to the desktop search feature in Windows Vista in an effort to assuage Google and head off a further antitrust battle with U.S. regulators.

In a filing made jointly with the Justice Department on Tuesday night, Microsoft said it would change the search feature as part of the first service pack to Windows Vista. In the filing, Microsoft talked for the first time about when that service pack would arrive, saying a beta version will come by the end of the year.

Under the agreement, Microsoft will create a mechanism whereby both computer makers and individuals will be able to choose a default desktop search program, much as they can choose a rival browser or media player, even though those technologies are built into Windows. ”