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Intel Introduces 5-Inch Portable Concept PC ‘Donley’

June 11, 2007

This computer comes with a 5″ LCD display, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, an integrated GPS navigation system, and wireless WAN.”


World’s Thinnest Laptop By Intel

May 25, 2007

“Lord have mercy, Intel has just created a laptop that’s as pretty as a supermodel, and thinner, too. Codenamed the Intel Mobile Metro Notebook, this prototype was designed by Intel along with Ziba Design, and it’s a mere .7 inches thick and weighs just 2.25 pounds. It’s no dumb blonde, either, packed with Intel’s speediest and most efficient components, which will probably be plenty fast by the time this machine is manufactured, maybe even as soon as the end of this year.”


Intel Core 2 Duo Pricing

May 9, 2007

“They range from the top of the line 2.40GHz T7700 ($530) to the Core 2 Duo processor LV L7300 at 1.40GHz ($284).”


JAJAH Lands $20 million Series C Funding From Intel

May 9, 2007

“VOIP provider JAJAH closes Series C funding of $20 million today, with the lead investment coming from Intel Capital, the venture capital arm of Intel.

Previous TechCrunch coverage here.

As part of the deal Intel will provide JAJAH access to their community of product dealers, OEM customers and developers, as well as access to Intel’s range of VOIP patents.”


Intel Info On Quad Core, Penryn, Silverthorne & Mobile Plans

May 7, 2007

“At Intel’s Spring Analyst Meeting in New York City on May 3, chief executive Paul Otellini and his brain trust provided detailed insight into the chip giant’s plans. Amid an intense focus on cost-cutting, following the tough business environment of the past few years, Intel emphasized its intentions to go full-bore with new technologies. On tap are numerous dual- and quad-core processors, the debut of an advanced 45-nanometer manufacturing process, and an ambitious attempt to jump-start the widespread use of handheld Internet devices. After sifting through the information at the sessions, we present our summary of the most important takeaways from Intel’s near-term roadmap, along with an image gallery of the most notable PowerPoints from the executive presentations.”

Image gallery of presentation

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Intel To Introduce Penryn Chips in 2007

March 29, 2007

Some of these features seem very good.

“The Penryn chip will also have better power management than previous Intel processors, with deeper sleep states than Core 2 Duo chips. Thanks to that efficiency, Intel plans to run its new chips faster than 3GHz for desktop and notebook versions, reversing an industry trend of scaling back the processor speed in order to add more cores without creating too much heat.”

“In other improvements, Intel will use 50 percent more on-chip memory in Penryn chips than Core 2 Duo, allowing them to hold more data on the chip instead of spending time and energy retrieving it from the PC’s main memory bank. Dual-core Penryn chips will have 6M bytes of L2 cache while quad-core versions have 12M bytes. Intel said it also will speed Penryn front side bus speeds to 1600MHz, instead of the 1066MHz or 1333MHz options now available, granting up to a 45 percent improvement for high-performance computing applications like computational fluid dynamics.”

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