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Microsoft, Mozilla Execs Respond To Safari On Windows Announcement

June 14, 2007

“For companies like Microsoft and Mozilla, Safari coming to Windows means that one more competitor will be thrown into the Windows browser battlefield. While neither company has expressed dismay with Apple’s decision to put Safari on Windows, on Monday executives from both Microsoft and Mozilla expressed a lack of concern for their new (Windows) foe.”


If only I had 8 grand for every IE7 flaw I’ve come across…

February 9, 2007

“iDefense is looking to ferret out the vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7, as well as in its new Vista operating system. The cyberthreat analysis company announced on its Web site that it will offer up to $8,000 for each submitted vulnerability that allows an attacker to remotely exploit and execute arbitrary code on either Vista or IE7. The offer comes as iDefense’s quarterly challenge.”

Might wanna check this one out.

Green is good

February 7, 2007

Users of Microsoft Corp.’s latest Web browser can start looking for the address bar to turn green while shopping or banking.

The security feature in Internet Explorer 7 is activated when sites have what’s known as an extended-validation certificate. That’s given out to merchants that have undergone and passed screening that is more rigorous than what is normally required to obtain regular certificates, which trigger a closed padlock on the browser familiar to many online shoppers.

But lack of a green bar shouldn’t be interpreted as a sign a merchant is fraudulent.”

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