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Make Your Own Internet Radio Station

June 8, 2007

ubroadcast provides a platform that gives users the ability to create and broadcast their own internet radio station.ubroadcast’s Station Manager software allows users to host a live internet talk radio or music show complete with play list support, inline CD ripping, MP3 uploading, commercials and other pre-recorded content.

User generated internet radio stations are far from being new. Live365 and Shoutcast have provided similar functionality for years. Where ubroadcast differs is the simplicity and cost: setting up and running a ubroadcast station is free and the learning curve is close to zero. It’s more internet radio creation for the mass market.

Setup takes no more than 5 minutes. The client is quick to download and registration options are built in. Users can immediately broadcast live content, upload music from MP3’s, or select from music uploaded by other ubroadcast members. There is a lack of depth in the existing ubroadcast playlist; this isn’t a or similar site with an extensive music library, it’s strictly user uploaded content and I’d imagine that this will become less of an issue as the service grows.”