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Kids’ First Exposure To Gaming, Cell Phones Becoming Earlier

June 7, 2007

Having 3 kids – 5, 3, 11 months, and one on the way, I can relate to this article.  At 3, I give them a PC.  Sometime around then, they also get a kids digital camera, inexpensive MP3 player, and portable dvd player for road trips.

“Kids are being exposed to consumer electronics at ever-younger ages, according to a new report, and the frequency of use is going up for some devices. The numbers come as part of the NPD Group’s third annual Kids and Consumer Electronics Trends report, which examines the penetration of various consumer electronics in the lives of kids throughout the US. The average age that kids first use consumer electronics was 8.1 years in 2005; it has now fallen to 6.7 years old, according to the NPD Group.

The use of portable digital media players (PDMPs), portable video games, and digital cameras saw the largest percentage growth, with the use of cell phones and portable DVD players also growing. The earliest age of significant exposure in NPD’s study came at 4 or 5 with televisions and computers, with the average for gadgets like PDMPs and satellite radios coming a little later at about 9 years of age. Children are most likely to have their own handheld consoles, digital cameras, and PDMPs, according to the report; the overall number of devices both owned and used have dropped since the 2005 survey.”


Free Tool Offers ‘Easy’ Coding

May 15, 2007

A free programming tool that allows anyone to create their own animated stories, video games and interactive artworks has been developed. Primarily aimed at children, Scratch does not require prior knowledge of complex computer languages.

Instead, it uses a simple graphical interface that allows programs to be assembled like building blocks.

The digital toolkit, developed in the US at MIT’s Media Lab, allows people to blend images, sound and video.

“Computer programming has been traditionally seen as something that is beyond most people – it’s only for a special group with technical expertise and experience,” said Professor Mitchel Resnick, one of the researchers at the Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT.

“We have developed Scratch as a new type of programming language, which is much more accessible.””


$100 Laptop Review

May 11, 2007

“Once upon a time, a man set out to give away an exceptional laptop to millions of children. What sounds like a fairy tale is actually the “One Laptop per Child” (OLPC) project, which is already supplying interested governments with laptops. It expects to cross the one-million next year.”

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