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CBS Acquires for $280 million

May 30, 2007

“The quickly growing music social network has been acquired by CBS for $280 million in an all-cash deal.UK based launched five years ago and has become a social networking favorite with 15 million active users. It has become a massive repository for music information (artist and song wikis, listening data from users, etc.). In the U.S., companies like Pandora, MOG and iLike all compete with some of’s features, although none of those startups has built the basic social network/community of

The deal sees’s management team staying in place and the site maintaining a separate identity.”

More Adds Music Videos

May 9, 2007

“Social music site is now adding music videos to its service.  The idea is that since knows your playlists and what you may like it can now surface music videos in addition to audio streams of just the songs.  Think of it as a personalized MTV that knows what’s in your music collection.  It’s just like what MOG TV does with music videos from YouTube, except that is promising better quality videos licensed directly from the music labels.”

More is about to become more useful

February 8, 2007

“The worlds fourth largest supplier of music, Warner Music Group, has announced yesterday that they will be releasing their entire music collection to use for all of you users out there.”

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