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Google Loses Gmail Trademark Case

July 4, 2007

A court in Germany today banned Google from using the name ‘Gmail’ for its popular webmail service following a trademark suit filed by the founder of G-Mail. Daniel Giersch, started using the name G-Mail in 2000, four years before Google released ‘Gmail’. “Google infringed the young businessman’s trademark that had been previously been registered,” said the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court in its judgement.”


Google Whines, Microsoft Caves

June 20, 2007

“Microsoft agreed Tuesday to make changes to the desktop search feature in Windows Vista in an effort to assuage Google and head off a further antitrust battle with U.S. regulators.

In a filing made jointly with the Justice Department on Tuesday night, Microsoft said it would change the search feature as part of the first service pack to Windows Vista. In the filing, Microsoft talked for the first time about when that service pack would arrive, saying a beta version will come by the end of the year.

Under the agreement, Microsoft will create a mechanism whereby both computer makers and individuals will be able to choose a default desktop search program, much as they can choose a rival browser or media player, even though those technologies are built into Windows. ”


“Spam King” Pleads Guilty In U.S. Federal Court

June 12, 2007

From Slashdot

“It looks like ‘Spam King’ Adam Vitale has finally plead guilty to violation of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 in federal court in New York City. ‘The indictment said that in less than a week in August 2005, Vitale and Moeller sent e-mails on behalf of the informant to more than 1,277,000 addresses of subscribers at AOL, the online division of Time Warner Inc. Vitale will be sentenced on September 13 when he faces a maximum sentence of 11 years in prison. Moeller, who lives in New Jersey, faces the same charge.’ We discussed Vitale’s arrest back in February.”

RIAA Targets 395 More College Students

June 12, 2007

“Pre-litigation settlement letters sent to 19 different universities in this latest crackdown on P2P and file-sharing programs on college campuses.

The RIAA has begun a new round of campus piracy crackdowns with 395 students at 19 different universities being sent pre-litigation letters.

This is the latest installment of its “education and deterrence campaign” that the RIAA launched earlier this year that focuses on P2P and illegal file “trafficking” on college campuses (I still love how they refer to it as trafficking and sharing).

These pre-litigation notices also offer students the continued chance to settle out of court at a “discounted rate” using their p2plawsuits site.”


Google Gets Sued For A Cool Billion

March 13, 2007

“They said that Google’s acquisition of YouTube would be the act that saved it from the fate of Napster – lawsuit oblivion.And they may have been wrong, if today’s $1 billion lawsuit is a sign of things to come. Viacom, the plaintiff, has been on a warpath against YouTube lately. Unlike Fox’s behind the scenes chats with the Wall Street Journal to get the message across that they were displeased with the Google/YouTube, Viacom has chosen the frontal assault: Massive takedown notices and now the simple request for $1 billion in damages.”

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