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Very Cool Mini-PC From Dynamism

May 25, 2007

“Going on a trip often presents a dilemma for the road warrior. Do I need to lug my 6-pound laptop, or can I get by with my BlackBerry? While wireless handheld devices have become ever more powerful, they still suck if you want to write anything longer than a short note, or do some serious Web browsing. On the other hand, the most portable laptops seem to have been stuck at around 3 pounds, at least until now.”



” The device measures 5.9″ x 4.5″ x 1.35″/1.6″ (standard/enhanced battery), and weighs 1.5/1.75 pounds. It feels robust and durable. With a 1.1 GHz Intel Pentium M CPU, 30 GB shock mounted HDD, and 512 MB of RAM, it comfortably runs Windows XP Professional or Vista. Utilize the port replicator to have a desktop PC experience at home/office, and enjoy the FlipStart’s 6-hour (3-hour real world) run time using the enhanced battery (included) while you’re on the go.”