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Review of User Startpages (Netvibes, etc.)

February 23, 2007

No love for though. 😦


Netvibes 2.0 – widgetized?

February 13, 2007

Anyone who knows me personally knows I put quite a bit of time into when I can.  It’s constantly being updated to add the next useful feature and currently supports rss feeds, bookmarks, weather, package tracking, popular feeds and clicked links, etc.  The list goes on.  Much of my motivation came initially from liking Netvibes so much, but dealing with their constant server issues and slow page loads.

Netvibes CEO Tariq Krim predicts the next thing on the web to be widgets.  I’d say he’s probably in the ball part given his industry involvement.  Why not check out this interview (video included) and see what you think.

Netvibes module developer collects web credentials

February 8, 2007

“A French security blogger gained access to private user data on personal homepage service Netvibes last weekend, exposing stored usernames and passwords for popular integrated web services as well as user content loaded in the page. The blogger’s account has since been deleted from Blog*Spot (currently cached on Yahoo!), but he provided extended details to French blog Le blog de ¥€$ (English translation). Netvibes has since claimed to patch “a security vulnerability in webnotes” exploited by this developer. I alluded to some of these issues with stored user information, phishing, and general brand confusion in a post two months ago about the popularity of available widgets regardless of their makers.”

Full story here

See, you should be using 🙂