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Dell To Offer Ubuntu On More Systems

June 27, 2007

Dell isn’t resting on its recent consumer Linux PC laurels. The computing giant has added a new laptop — the Inspiron 1420 Notebook — to its Ubuntu Linux 7.04 offering. It is also replacing the Dimension E520 desktop with the new, low-priced Inspiron 530.

The new Inspiron 1420N is powered by a 1.5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T5250 processor. This chip set also comes with a 667MHz FSB (front-side bus) and a 2MB cache. If you want a faster processor, Dell will let you upgrade it to a 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 with an 800MHz FSB and a 4MB cache.”


Use Your Cingular Cell Phone As A Modem

June 10, 2007

You’ll first need to connect your desktop/laptop/notebook to your phone via infrared, bluetooth, or USB.  USB is the most consistent, but bluetooth works very well too.  To do this, turn on bluetooth (or infrared) on the phone, then connect to it from the computer.  This should be relatively straightforward, but could be different for different phone types.  It was very easy with my Sony Ericsson W300i.

Setup a new dialup connection – Start-Control Panel-Network Connections-New Connection Wizard-Next-Connect to the Internet-Next-Setup my connection manually-Next-Connect using a dial-up modem-Next-ISP Name (Cingular)-Next-Phone Number (*99***1#)-UserName (WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM) Password (CINGULAR1) (Uncheck both boxes)-Next-Finish

Downloads (surfing, etc.) will probably count as MEdia Net time, so be aware of how much you’re actually using it.  It may be worthwhile to purchase one of their data plans, but this should work fine in a pinch.

Asus Laptop Will Be $199

June 8, 2007

“It’s practically a warzone in front of Asus’ Eee PC 701 today, as everyone tries to get a closeup look of the wee machine.”

“The PM also gave us a much wider range of possible SSD options, ranging from 1GB to 32GBs, and hinted at the possibility of an optional 3G module either built-in, or provided as a dongle.

The $199 price tag seemed to be for real, but that’s probably just the starting point. A version for “English speaking countries” could hit the streets “as early as August this year”. Judging from the fact that the demo machine seem to be in perfect order, that date could be a real possibility indeed.”


Update:  From Asus’ Site:

ASUS Introduces All-New Eee PC for Complete Mobile Internet Enjoyment


Easy to Learn, Easy to Work, Easy to Play

Taipei, Taiwan, June 5, 2007 – Majority of activities conducted on the laptops today are Internet related. Whether it´s checking emails, reading news, communicating with others or simply utilizing online share spaces, Internet usage has become a big part of the daily computing operations – for both work and fun. To accommodate the increasing total Internet computing demands as well as growing number of users, both young and old, ASUS launches the revolutionary Eee PC to provide users with a new mobile Internet experience like never before.

This is a new line of PCs that focuses on providing users with the most comprehensive Internet application based on three Es: Easy to learn, work, play; Excellent Internet experience and Excellent mobile computing experience, and hence the product name of Eee PC.

Easy to Learn, Work and Play
Learn the latest technology without a technical manual! For easy hands-on, the Eee PC offers two modes of intuitive user interface design: the easy mode and the full desktop mode in order to accommodate both experienced and inexperienced PC users. The Eee PC is also Windows XP compatible.

Excellent Internet Experience
Built-in WLAN connectivity allows users to stay connected for dynamic Internet usage on the go. With the Eee PC empowers users to share photos without waiting till one gets home; connect face to face with just a few clicks; enjoy online entertainment live; stay on top of emails for high work efficiency and more!

Excellent Mobile Computing Experience
The 7” Eee PC 701 weighs at a featherlight 0.89 kg, with large flash-based storage capacity and built-in webcam for compact mobility with wireless freedom. The special solid-state disc design based on built-in flash-memory gives the Eee PC a great shock-proof advantage over traditional notebook PCs allowing extra flexibility and a worry free mobile computing experience.

EeePC 701 Specification
CPU & Chipset: Intel mobile CPU & chipset
OS: Linux/ Microsoft Windows XP compatible
Communication: 10/100 Mbps Ethernet; 56K modem
WLAN: WiFi 802.11b/g
Graphic: Intel UMA
Memory: 512MB, DDR2-400
Storage: 4/ 8/ 16GB Flash
Webcam: 300K pixel video camera
Audio: Hi-Definition Audio CODEC; Built-in stereo speaker; Built-in microphone
Battery Life: 3hrs (4 cells: 5200mAh, 2S2P)
Dimension & Weight: 22.5 x 16.5 x 2.1~3.5cm, 0.89kg


Wooden Notebook

June 7, 2007

“Asus unveiled a prototype design at Computex 2007 that features a laptop covered in a beautiful wood veneer. There are no specifications as to what kind of processing power you’ll get from this lappy, but according to the company, computers shouldn’t be all about power, but rather how they look and feel. I guess that was enough to convince the show to give the prototype the Best Product Design award.”


Sony’s New Ultraportable Is A Traveler’s Dream

June 7, 2007

“If you’re in the market for a new ultraportable laptop, Sony’s new Vaio TZ11 might be just what you’re looking for. The wee lappie features an 11.1-inch screen and weighs a mere 2.6 pounds. Inside, however, it doesn’t skimp, packing enough horsepower to run Vista’s Aero features at full blast. The screen is LED-backlit, just like the new MacBook Pros, which use less energy and turn on faster. This helps give the TZ11 a seriously impressive 9 hours of battery life, which is nothing to scoff at.”


Dell XPS m1330 Performance Ultraportable Revealed

June 4, 2007

“13.3-inch screen, configurable with LED backlight! (300cd/m2, or 220 with CCFL backlight)

  • Core 2 Duo processor (up to 2.4GHz), Santa Rosa chipset (965PM/GM)
  • Up to 4GB DDR2 SDRAM
  • 32GB SSD drive or spinning-platter drive options up to 250GB
  • Slot-loading dual-layer DVD±RW drive!
  • Optional NVIDIA GeForce Go 8400M GS / 128MB”


World’s Thinnest Laptop By Intel

May 25, 2007

“Lord have mercy, Intel has just created a laptop that’s as pretty as a supermodel, and thinner, too. Codenamed the Intel Mobile Metro Notebook, this prototype was designed by Intel along with Ziba Design, and it’s a mere .7 inches thick and weighs just 2.25 pounds. It’s no dumb blonde, either, packed with Intel’s speediest and most efficient components, which will probably be plenty fast by the time this machine is manufactured, maybe even as soon as the end of this year.”


Fujitsu Readies 250GB 2.5″ Notebook Drive

May 15, 2007

One upping the Hitachi drive posted about here, Fujitsu isn’t waiting around for others to step up to the notebook drive storage lead.

“While hybrid hard disk drives (HHDDs) and flash solid-state disks (SSDs) may be the next big thing in mobile storage, Fujitsu still has a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes to 2.5″ HDDs. In early March, the company announced the world’s first 2.5” 160GB HDD with a 7200RPM spindle speed.

The company today announced that it is developing its new MHY2 BH Series drives which will offer a storage capacity of up to 250GB in a 9.5mm-thin profile. The drive will have an idle acoustic noise level of 2.4 bels and power consumption of 1.9 watts when writing data. The company neglected to mention how fast the drives would spin.”


$100 Laptop Review

May 11, 2007

“Once upon a time, a man set out to give away an exceptional laptop to millions of children. What sounds like a fairy tale is actually the “One Laptop per Child” (OLPC) project, which is already supplying interested governments with laptops. It expects to cross the one-million next year.”

Full Review

Hitachi Ships Large, High-Performing Notebook Hard Drive

May 10, 2007

Finally, a decent sized notebook drive.

Hitachi on Thursday started shipping a 200-Gbyte, high-performing notebook hard drive with optional data encryption technology. The Travelstar 7K200, which runs at 7,200 RPM, has double the capacity and a 22% performance improvement over its predecessor, the company said. For people and businesses looking to secure data, the drive is available with Hitachi’s “bulk data encryption” technology.

Dell and its Alienware subsidiary are the first computer makers to offer the new Travelstar on select systems. The drive is available on all Dell XPS notebooks, and on all of Alienware’s notebooks. Dell and Alienware are also offering dual-drive configurations on the XPS M2010 and the Aurora m9700, respectively.

Despite its faster speed, the 2.5-inch drive offers comparable power consumption, heat emission, and acoustics to its 5,400-RPM counterpart, Hitachi said. The new drive is Hitachi’s “platinum-class” product for notebooks, and sells for $249 at retailers.”