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Parallels Desktop 3.0 Now With Native 3D Acceleration

June 8, 2007

Here’s an interesting comment however – “Also after checking, this software costs more than XP Pro and Vista Home Premium.”

Parallels Desktop for Mac is currently the leading consumer level PC virtualization platform for OS X. The company made news when it first launched its Parallels Desktop, allowing users to run Windows XP at near native processing speeds. In some cases, users actually experienced an increase in speeds.

Parallels Inc. made headlines late last year when it announced that its popular application would be receiving a major upgrade in the form of 3D acceleration. One of the prime features that Parallels users could not take advantage of were 3D features on their Macs. At the time, Parallels spokesperson Ben Rudolph indicated that when finalized, 3D acceleration in Parallels Desktop would be “fast.”

This week the 3D version of Parallels Desktop for Mac (version 3.0) was made official, launching the much anticipated support for 3D acceleration.”