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The Bank of PayPal

June 15, 2007

“With new security steps and plans for a debit card, eBay’s online payment service is taking on its finance rivals. In Europe, it’s even got a banking license”

“Every few hours at the eBay Live! conference in Boston, the audio speakers explode with Kool & the Gang’s song Celebration. For eBay’s (EBAY) executives, it’s a way of reminding everyone that, despite declining growth in its main shopping business, the company has reasons to party.

Reason No. 1? PayPal. If eBay Live! is a celebration, then eBay’s online payment service is the guest of honor. PayPal’s first-quarter revenue grew 31%, to $439 million, at a time when eBay’s core shopping business grew just 23% and active buyers and sellers grew 10%. PayPal is proving that its success, while connected to the growth of eBay’s shopping sites, is not solely dependent on it.”


Paypal security keychain now available for order

February 8, 2007

 “You get a different security code every time you log in to your PayPal account, giving you peace of mind by knowing you’re protected against potential online threats.”

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