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Photobucket Allows Public Access To Private Photos

July 14, 2007

“I got an email from Ryan N today describing a huge privacy leak in Photobucket – allowing anyone to look at anyone else’s private photos. Photobucket protects photos normally by password protecting them.”


40 More Terabytes Of Data For Amazon S3

July 13, 2007

I use it for all of my digital camera pictures and movies and currently have over 50G there.  Using S3Drive, it’s hard to beat for off-site storage.

“Startup Phanfare, which stores a lot of user generated media, announced today that they are in the process of moving all of their backups of stored user data – 40 terabytes – to Amazon’s S3 storage service.

Amazon S3 has been on a bit of a roll lately, recently surpassing 5 billion stored objects and growing fast.

It’s also racking up a number of passionate users who swear by it for reliability and cost savings. Phanfare is just the most recent example, albeit a large one.”


HP Pet-Eye Fix technology

June 26, 2007

“…special Pet-Eye Fix technology that will be included in certain HP R-series cameras that will be released later this year, letting both pet and owner face the camera with full confidence knowing that something like red-eye won’t spoil the picture.


HowTo: Take Great Group Shots

June 21, 2007

As most anyone with kids will tell you, it’s tough getting that “good” group photo where everyone is looking at the camera, no one is blinking, etc.  Below is a link to an article with some suggestions on improving your chances of landing that “great shot”.

I’ve had good luck in the past using Microsoft Group Shot (freeware – also available on to merge multiple photos into a single good one.


PillCam Shows You Your Insides

June 15, 2007

“Well, so are doctors, and they have better reasons to be curious and more money to satisfy their curiosities. That’s where the PillCam ESO 2 came from. It’s a vitamin-sized device with cameras at each end, and it’s designed to give you and your doc a close-up, intimate view of your esophagus. Simply swallow it and wait as it transmits photos from all up and down your eatin’ tube.”


Microsoft Demos Mind-Bending Photo App

June 12, 2007

“If you haven’t seen the demo, see it now. In March, at the annual Technology, Education, Design (TED) conference in Monterrey, California, Microsoft Live Labs took the wraps off a mind-bending digital photo app called Seadragon, and you can now stream a video of this not-to-be-missed demo from the TED website. Coupled with Photosynth, another project in the works at Live Labs, Seadragon could take Google’s much-discussed StreetView idea to a whole new level.With Seadragon, based on technology Microsoft acquired last year, you can dynamically browse gigabyte after gigabyte of online photos with the flick of a wrist. In the TED demo, Seadragon founder Blaise Aguera y Arcas loads hundreds of high-res pics onto a single display and, in an instant, zooms in for a close-up of any image he chooses. He even rotates this massive collection – yes, the entire collection – as if it were a single photograph.”


Slide And Negative To Digital Picture Converter

June 11, 2007

Hammacher is offering the Slide and Negative to Digital Picture Converter device that actually converts old 35mm slides and film negatives into digital images.”

ust place the slides and negatives into a tray, press a button and the image will be scanned immediately, thanks to its 5 megapixel CMOS sensor. The Slide and Negative to Digital Picture Converter retails for $99.95 a pop.”


Digital Camera Resolution Chart

May 22, 2007

Handy tool to display the required resolution needed for different physical print sizes


WiFi Digital Picture Frame By MemoryFrame

May 21, 2007

“The MemoryFrame MF-8104 Premium from Digital Spectrum is a 10.4-inch digital picture frame that might just finally be pushing all the right buttons. With its built-in Wi-Fi, it lets you communicate with your home network, letting you snag pictures from photo sharing sites such as Flickr, Windows Live Spaces and Webshots without shelling out for a paid subscription service. Plus, it can play a variety of sound and video files, and includes a remote control.”

“But it looks like its 800×600 resolution is enough to get the job done, and it’s just the right size to accommodate standard 8×10 picture frames…”


Website: Flickrvision – Watch Photos As They’re Added To Flickr In Real-Time

May 16, 2007

“Enter flickrvision. One part Google Maps, one part eavesdropping, 100% fun; flickrvision lets you watch users uploading photos live. The map view shows where the user is uploading from and a small snapshot of the photo is displayed over the location. Clicking on the photo reveals a larger version in the center of the screen while map continues to update in the background. Clicking on a user name takes you, as you might expect, to the users profile on flickr. It is a pretty simple concept but quickly becomes wildly addictive.”