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The Impending Death of Plasmas?

May 20, 2007

“To make matters worse, LG has officially announced the shutdown of their Korean plasma factory that will cut monthly production by 70,000 units. It is part of their plan to cut monthly production costs by a whopping $32 million. The company has also said that it plans to shutdown other similar factories over the coming months.”


Soundmatters SLIMstage For Wall Mounted TVs

May 12, 2007

“You’ve upgraded to a kick-ass flat-panel HDTV and even gotten it up on the wall — well done. Now you want good sound, but the last thing you want to do is clutter up your room with bulky speakers everywhere. Soundmatters hears your plea, creating the SLIMstage speaker for just your situation. The SLIMstage40 was made to pack the punch of an entire 5.1-channel speaker system, able to crank out 170 watts of sound from a component that measures just 3.6 inches thick but 39 inches wide — a perfect fit right under that new plasma.”


Pioneer’s 8th Gen Plasma HDTVs Blacker at 20,000:1

May 8, 2007

Pioneer Europe just unveiled details on their 8th generation Plasma tech 24 hours before the US event. This is something we heard about at CES, and that HDTV lovers can get riled up about. (Go ahead, woot out loud, it makes sense this time.)”