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New Sony Playstation Portable

July 13, 2007

“Last month, Sony was in news as it released its firmware upgrade for its Playstation Portable which can give upto 25% boost in its clock speed. There was a rumours by an unnamed source that the previous firmware version was hacked by game developers and they could allow their games to run on full CPU speed. There were speculations that the high impact games were running at 266MHz where as the full potential clock speed is 333MHz. Soon after the firmware news, it is now turn to introduce a more advanced and upgraded PSP. This includes a brighter screen, a slimmer profile and increased battery life.”


PSP Slim Details

June 12, 2007

“Over at game blog Rumor Reporter, they’re floating more details on the rumbled PSP slim. According to the site, the updated PSP won’t have big speed increases and will be outfitted with a slot UMD loader. Screen-wise, the site states that its the same size and is “Sidekick-esque.” That would give the portable a “flip-factor” and decrease the system’s overall size. Underneath the screen, there’s a “Home” button—just like there is now. There are also all new controls for UMD movie chapter and music skipping.”


PSP Phone From Sony Ericsson

June 1, 2007

“Nowadays everything seems to be converging into a mobile phone. It already can be a perfectly good digital camera, a mobile TV station a music player or GPS receiver. One of the things missing here was a mobile gaming platform. But it’s coming too.

And who’s better positioned to create a perfect mobile gaming platform then Sony? It already has one – Sony PSP. It also makes some great mobile phones via joint venture with Swedish Ericsson.

Their recent patent filing shows how Sony Ericsson will go about integrating these two gadgets:”