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Id Software Announces New Game Engine

May 31, 2007

“With releases for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 scheduled for the end of this calendar year, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars now seems to be comfortably on autopilot. With this joint project between id Software and Splash Damage soon to be complete, it now seems as if id has been freed to work on yet another engine to be used with another brand new franchise.At a London event earlier this week, id CEO Todd Hollenshead was the first to reveal the news to

“We are working on an all-new franchise,” he stated. “It’s not Doom, it’s not Quake, it’s not Wolfenstein, it’s not Enemy Territory, it’s not even Commander Keen! It is a new id brand with an all-new John Carmack engine, and I think that when we show it to people, once again they’ll see, just like they saw when we first showed Doom 3, that John Carmack still has a lot of magic left.””


Tim Sweeney On UT3 Specs & Peformance

May 30, 2007

“Unreal Tournament 3 will ship with full DX10 support, with multi-sampling being the biggest visible benefit of the new graphics interface. Additionally, with DX10 under Vista we have the possibility to use the video memory more efficently, to be able to display textures with a higher grade of detail as it would be possible with the DX9 path of Vista. Most effects of UT3 are more bound to the fillrate than to basic features like geometry processing. That’s why DX10 has a great impact on performance, while we mostly forgo the integration of new features.”


PlayStation 3 As A Linux Enterprise Server

May 29, 2007

” The PlayStation 3 is, without doubt, a multi-talented piece of kit: state of the art games console, Blu-Ray player, media centre and more. Much more, in fact, because from the 1st June you will be able to add Linux Enterprise Server to the functionality list.

That is the date from which you will be able to download an installer from which will bring HELIOS’ optimized Yellow Dog Linux v5.0, utilizing the IBM 64-bit 3.2 GHz Cell processor in the PS3, and in turn will run HELIO UB, the enterprise client server.”


New PS3 Firmware Adds PS1, PS2, DVD Upscaling to 1080p

May 24, 2007

A little more PS3 News…

New PlayStation 3 version 1.80 software gives console new capabilities

Word from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe indicates that the PlayStation 3 will be receiving a significant firmware update on May 24, 2007. New for firmware version 1.80: upscaling of original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games to 1080p when viewed on a compatible HD TV set.”


PlayStation 3 Upgrade Inhances Images

May 24, 2007

“A free download upgrade for the Sony PlayStation 3 enhances the image quality of movies and old video games and allows people to check out stored video, music files and digital photos through the Internet with the handheld PlayStation Portable.The upgrade, available for download worldwide Thursday, will improve the visual quality of PlayStation 2 games, as well as original PlayStation games, although it won’t be quite as dazzling as the quality of PS3 games, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. officials said.”


JAJAH Brings Free and Low Cost Global Phone Calls to the PlayStation 3

May 4, 2007

“JAJAH, the innovative web-based calling company, has brought its solution to the Sony Computer Entertainment PlayStation 3 system, allowing gamers to initiate free or ultra-low cost global phone calls directly from their game console. The technology allows users to talk to other gamers around the world on their regular phones. To use JAJAH, you simply register at Registration is free, confidential and fast.

“JAJAH’s vision is to bring free and ultra low cost calls to people everywhere,” said Roman Scharf, JAJAH co-founder. “Introducing JAJAH to gamers is another way of bringing that vision to life.”

Launched only one year ago, JAJAH already has more than 2 million registered users in more than 55 countries.”