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RIAA Wants Public Radio to Pay Royalties

May 25, 2007

Recent studies show that sales of music have actually increased over the last several years despite arguments from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) that online MP3 sharing negatively impact sales. Thus, the RIAA has been desperately trying to seek out a new source of revenue and it believes its found one: public radio.

The RIAA says that radio has been given free play time for too many years, and when compared to other sources of revenue, is unfair. Yet, it’s not only the RIAA that thinks the new royalty program is justified. Mary Wilson, one of the original members of the Supremes agrees too.

“After so many years of not being compensated, it would be nice to now at this late date to at least start. They’ve gotten 50-some years of free play. Now maybe it’s time to pay up,” says Wilson. According to Wilson, the exemption given to public radio was unfair and forced many musicans to continually go on tour for money.”